The Benefits of Using Safer Skincare and Cosmetic Products

Just like the majority of people out there, I used to be easily persuaded to buy certain products because of advertisements, Insta-famous influencers, and simply because they were convenient. Even while working in the beauty industry for years using and selling these conventional products filled with chemicals to my clients, it never occurred to me how these products could actually be harmful to the body. Anything from hair care products and men’s grooming products to laundry detergents and other household cleaning products have chemicals that may cause skin and other issues. Did you know that in the United States, there has been no federal regulation update for ingredients used in skincare and cosmetics since the 1930s? There are other countries around the world that have banned certain ingredients from being used in their countries that are STILL LEGAL in the states!

Some safer skincare and cosmetic products that I use on the daily.

Several years ago I started to develop these itchy blisters on my left hand that would dry up and crack. I went to the doctor and he told me it was eczema. I used the prescribed cream the doctor gave me and it worked, but once the eczema flare healed I noticed that after a couple of days it would come back. It wasn’t until I started doing some research about eczema when I came about an article that mentioned how your skincare products and soaps contain chemicals that may contribute to skin issues.

Those of you who follow me on social media have already gotten a quick lesson about a couple of ingredients you need to look out for if you are purchasing conventional skincare, hygiene, feminine products, condoms, hair care, and cosmetic products. The chemicals in these products cause anything from irritation to causing immune system issues due to toxins. If you are wary about what you are putting on your skin, a great website to check your product safety levels is EWG.

Setting Up My Own Trial:

It is important to mention some of the products I was using and things I was eating at the time of my trial so that you could have a better idea of what could have or could have not affected the outcome. During the time period for this trial, I was not wearing any cosmetics and was moisturizing my skin using pure argan oil that my mother-in-law sent me from an argan farm in Morocco (perks of having an awesome mother-in-law). However, I was still using not so safe shampoo, conditioner, and hand soap. As for food, I was eating very clean. I stuck to a Paleo and Whole30 food template.

I wanted to see if making a switch to safer skincare and beauty products would help my eczema, acne, and just overall feeling of health. I went ahead and purchased some skincare products from Buca Botanicals (which I highly recommend). The kit I purchased included a hydrosol toner, botanical mask, face oil, and an oil cleanser. I know you may be asking why I would put so much oil on my face. The answer is because it is deeply moisturizing and contrary to popular belief, using oils on your face will not necessarily make your face more oily. However, if you use oil-free products on your face and you have oily skin, your skin will actually start producing more oil to make up for the lack of it on your skin (#estheticiantips).

Anyway, back to my trial, I did not notice much of a difference for the first 2 weeks or so. What I did notice though was that my hands had less cracked spots on them after a couple of days. After about 2.5 weeks, I noticed that my skin had not shown any signs of a breakout and that my skin was GLOOOOWING! I honestly had never experienced….NICE SKIN! I was even starting to get compliments. What else would one expect from using a skincare and cosmetic routine where the ingredients in the products were straight from the source with no fillers, binders, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and toxic chemicals?

My first Buca Botanicals clean kit

For the Ladies:
Since I was impressed with the skincare portion of my trial, I ended up using some clean cosmetic products that my sister Beth gifted me. I noticed something awesome right off the bat when I used the W3ll People mascara. With conventional mascaras, my eyes would ALWAYS burn upon application of the product. I had tried multiple products, but they all had the same effect. When I applied the W3ll People mascara, I was taken aback because I felt ZERO…and I do mean ZERO burning in my eyes. I was also quite impressed with the eye shadow palette from Beauty Counter because of its pigmentation and staying power. I would compare their texture and staying power to Two Faced Cosmetics’ eyeshadow palettes, except with clean ingredients.

For the Fellas:
If you think you’re exempt from harmful and dirty chemicals in your daily products, think again! Turn to the ingredient list on your shaving cream, deodorant, face cleanser, body wash, after shave, or cologne. I guarantee you there are at least 2 skin irritating chemicals in your products. Do you see anything called DMDM Hydantoin (also listed as hydroxymethyl, dantoin DMDMH 55, Dimethylhydantoin, 5,5-dimethyl)? What about Geranoil (also listed as 3,7-dimethyl, geraniol extra, geranyl alcohol, guaniol)? Sodium Laureth Sulfate is another popular dirty chemical companies like to use. These chemicals are known human immune system toxicants and allergens. These are just few of many dirty ingredients in your products. Can you spot any of the ingredients mentioned in the two pictures below? Now I just want to mention that nitrosamines are chemicals that have been labeled as human carcinogens, but that doesn’t stop condom companies from using them or their derivatives in their products. Instead, reach for a clean ingredient condom such as those from Sustain. Other great brands to start with besides Buca Botanicals for skincare products are Primally Pure and Beauty Counter (they have a new men’s line).

Benefits of Using Safer Skincare and Cosmetic Products

After seeing first hand how much of an improvement my skin went through, I decided to stick with safer skincare and cosmetic products. Now what are the benefits? Well, first of all you are putting safe ingredients on your skin. Your pores absorb everything it encounters. If you are putting products with toxic and dirty chemicals, you may mess with your body’s natural chemistry and aggravate any skin condition or allergies. When you put clean products on your skin you may see improvements in its appearance and will have the satisfaction of knowing that whatever your skin is absorbing is natural and can be traced to a clean source.

Those who follow me on Instagram may know that I worked in the beauty industry for years! I always pinch myself for not paying attention to the dirty products I exposed myself and my clients to. Our bodies were not meant to process these chemicals, and it is apparent by the number of skin issues, allergies, and other more serious illnesses that are developed or aggravated each year. You don’t have to cut everything out cold turkey (especially that clean products are a bit more expensive than conventional because of their purity and potency), but you can definitely transition slowly but surely. I know for sure that Buca Botanicals offers 10% off your first purchase so check them out. I hope this information benefits you. Stay clean y’all!

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